Analytical, creative and passionate with a proven ability to rally teams around a shared vision while delivering true business innovation & bottom-line success.

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Proven experience in e-commerce, digital marketing, and project management


Demonstrated success in
e-commerce and social media project management

Team Builder

Demonstrated ability to build and lead cross-functional teams and liaise with senior management


A proven track record of driving revenue growth and bringing businesses online

We're Only as Good as our Teams

I’ve been a part of some amazing teams and have worked on some great projects. See what some of my coworkers have to say about the work we’ve done together.
I had a pleasure to work with Marcelo during his time at Orium. He helped us shepherd a number of key projects to a successful outcome, and his leadership is truly an asset to any team and culture. In our context, Marcelo led and motivated our remote teams, fostering a collaborative and supportive environment. Our firm focuses on an Agile methodology, and Marcelo demonstrated the ability to manage complex projects effectively within deadlines and budgets. He frequently managed diverse teams, including both internal and client-side developers, ensuring clear communication and collaboration. Client rapport is critical in our business, and Marcelo has the ability to earn their respect and trust through clear communication, problem-solving skills, and a commitment to quality.
Ola Ajayi
Jason Cottrell
CEO, Orium
I had the pleasure of working with Marcelo on several key multi-million dollar projects, and he showed exceptional project management skills, including meticulous planning, and organizational abilities, and consistently keeping projects on track and within scope. Marcelo's exceptional communication skills ensure clear and consistent updates to all stakeholders, fostering a positive and productive work environment. His proactive approach to risk management and adept problem-solving abilities make him an invaluable asset to any project, guiding the team to successful outcomes even under tight deadlines. Marcelo's effective project management contributed to the success of our projects.
Ola Ajayi
Product Manager, Orium
I had the pleasure to work with Marcelo for 2 years on multiple large-scale client projects. He didn’t just bring a warm and welcoming presence to our team; he created an environment where we felt driven to achieve excellence together. Marcelo understands the importance of the human factor in every project, ensuring we remember what truly matters. His stories and photographs weren’t just additions to our workday; they infused our environment with a unique spirit and positivity. Marcelo is one of those leaders who can make a team feel like a cohesive unit, fostering a culture of collaboration and camaraderie.
Katt Martinez
Product Designer, Orium
While I was an Account Director at Absolunet/Valtech, I had the good fortune of partnering with Marcelo over the course of several years while we evolved North West Company’s e-commerce capabilities specifically for the North Mart Banner. It was always a pleasure doing business with Marcelo who was instrumental in our collaboration. Our involvement spanned the entire gamut of NWC’s e-commerce program from discovery, requirements gathering, project planning & budget, implementation and platform enablement eventually coming to include internal change management and the roadmap for enhancements & ongoing support/maintenance.
Marcelo and I also collaborated to generate a number of digital transformation recommendations for the other NWC Banners - Value Lots, Cost U Less and Rite Way. To say that North West Company’s business requirements at the time were unique and different would be an understatement, however Marcelo was there to guide us every step of the way as we successfully navigated the challenges.
Thank You Marcelo for a great collaborative partnership during that time.
Jacques (Vincent) Leroux
Jacques (Vincent) Leroux
Account Director, Absolunet/Valtech
Marcelo was a pivotal asset at Home Bistro, demonstrating exceptional analytical and strategic skills in e-commerce. He led our rebranding efforts, managed SEM campaigns, and implemented CRM systems, driving significant improvements in online sales and customer engagement. His proactive approach and sound judgment ensured the successful execution of multiple projects, including the migration to a new SAAS website and the integration of our order management system. Marcelo’s strong communication skills made him an effective collaborator and leader. I highly recommend Marcelo for his strategic thinking, project management, and digital marketing expertise.
Fred Carry
CEO, Home Bistro
Marcelo Vazquez was instrumental in our operations at Home Bistro. He led key projects like the integration of our order management system and the migration to a new SAAS website, ensuring seamless operations and improved efficiency. His ability to collaborate across departments made him a vital member of our team. I highly recommend Marcelo.
Terry Kefalas
VP Operations, Home Bistro
Marcelo is a highly-qualified professional with experience in all aspects of marketing and e-commerce. He was part of our senior leadership team. I am proud of the work that we did together and would happily have Marcelo back in my organization.
David Blatt
CEO, Gaspard
I met Marcelo back in 2012 at Gaspard while I was just a Junior Software Developer practicum student. He welcomed me to the company and recruited me as a permanent full-time member of the "Gaspard Family" shortly after. Marcelo as the Director of Marketing, always had a cheerful and positive attitude. He is also experienced and knowledgeable on marketing technologies and how to promote the company's products and services. I enjoyed his enthusiastic approach to new technologies. Reporting directly to Marcelo, he always gave me the confidence when tackling any projects and always believed in me in doing a job well done. It is now my 6th year at Gaspard and now as the company's Senior Software Developer.
Wihelmina Kidd
Senior Developer, Gaspard
Reporting directly to Marcelo, he never made me feel “junior” or incompetent even throughout the training period. Marcelo helped me realize where my strengths were and how to sharpen the saw on my weaknesses. Marcelo pushed me outside of my comfort zone, ultimately giving me the confidence required to grow within the company. Marcelo has a gift to not only see the potential in an employee, but also to nurture their unique gifts and skill sets to really let them shine.
Kayla Leskiew​
Marketing Consultant, Gaspard
Marcelo is a hard working and enthusiastic team leader and project manager. He provided the guidance and vision that enabled us to deliver results on time and on budget. Over the course of the planning and development of five individual websites he was able to keep his team focused and the scope in check while while keeping an firm eye on costs. It was a pleasure working with Marcelo and I look forward to our next project together.
Christian Fillion
President Marketing Media
I had the great pleasure of working for Marcelo in the creation of Needs Assessment for Gaspard. Marcelo might be one of the hardest working individuals I've come across. Gaspard is a large company with many variations of regalia, targeted at very different market segments and Marcelo had a rock solid understanding of the entire engine from sales and marketing to manufacturing and fulfillment. Marcelo also had a very clear vision of how Gaspard could grow revenue by utilizing social media and web technologies. He was the most critical resource for our Strategic Needs Assessment and it would be an absolute pleasure to work with him again in the future.
Derek Penner
Derek Penner
IT & Business Consultant

Data-driven Leader with a Growth Mindset

Leveraging expertise in project management, marketing, art direction, e-commerce, and analytics, I drive successful digital marketing campaigns and embrace emerging media to achieve growth objectives. As a seasoned mentor and management leader, I foster team development, inspire innovative thinking, and guide cross-functional teams to exceed performance targets. My experience includes managing e-commerce and other digital projects, ensuring on-time delivery and alignment with strategic goals.

Some of the brands that I’ve worked with.
I’ve enjoyed being a part of teams working with a diverse group of brands across North America.

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