Industrial Computer Company

The Business

Founded in 2003, OnLogic is an industrial PC company serving a global audience. With highly configurable, solution-focused computers engineered for reliability at the IoT edge, OnLogic helps their customers worldwide with computers that are designed to last, built to order, and delivered in days. To serve their growing consumer base, they needed a digital experience platform that offered the same reliability and customizability as their own product offerings. They brought in Orium to work with them as they moved off of their existing platform—which couldn’t keep pace with their needs—and onto a composable commerce architecture. I served as the delivery manager on the project, ensuring a seamless transition to the new platform.

OnLogic People

The Mission

OnLogic was facing several challenges. First and foremost, their existing legacy platform was making it difficult to keep pace as their business needs and market demands evolved. Working around the limitations of the current platform was creating unnecessary effort and overhead.

Serving a worldwide audience, OnLogic needed to manage multiple languages, currencies, localization, and the diverse needs of their global customers. Additionally, their customizable computer offerings meant there was an almost endless array of product combinations available, making it essential to deliver a seamless customer journey that was easy to navigate and purchase from—a high-complexity task.

To address these issues, OnLogic needed to upgrade their e-commerce platform to effectively manage a complex catalog across multiple consumer markets and improve various systems, including checkout, content, pricing, and product detail pages (PDP). In short, they required a bespoke composable commerce solution that offered the flexibility their legacy system could not provide. 

The Strategy

The core of the replatforming strategy for OnLogic was to transition from a legacy monolith platform to a composable commerce architecture with commercetools at its center. By adopting a composable commerce approach, OnLogic could update and enhance their systems to meet modern commerce demands.

For instance, a fully composable platform would enable OnLogic to replace and upgrade their pricing engine with a more dynamic solution, crucial for a company offering highly customizable products. It would also allow them to deliver a top-tier checkout experience that supports the complexity of varying currency and tax requirements in an international market. Moreover, the composable platform would enhance their content delivery capabilities with new implementations of Contentful and Algolia, providing more sophisticated options for content management and highly customized product detail pages (PDP). With a suite of best-of-breed solutions, OnLogic could maintain high development and design standards while implementing bespoke functionalities.

Game-Winning Features

We collaborated with OnLogic to facilitate their transition from a monolithic system. Together, we integrated and supported high-priority tailored solutions to meet OnLogic’s unique business needs.

As the delivery manager, I led a collaborative co-delivery team spanning both North and South America, comprising employees from OnLogic and Orium. The project kicked off with a proof-of-concept (POC) to evaluate the feasibility of various composable commerce approaches for OnLogic’s needs.

Our team conducted a complex data modeling process to create customized product detail pages (PDPs) for OnLogic’s bespoke products. This ensured accurate display of product parts and price calculations, accommodating the high customizability of OnLogic’s offerings.

We also integrated custom payment, tax, and shipping solutions to serve OnLogic’s international clientele. Supporting diverse payment methods such as credit cards, bank transfers, Bancontact, SOFORT, giropay, PayPal, and the client’s own financing service required navigating complex state management. We fine-tuned the checkout experience to support functionalities like tracking payment methods, validating user payments, switching payment methods, and matching tax and shipping solutions to the buyer’s region.

Together, Orium and OnLogic laid the foundations for managing OnLogic’s complex business needs. The new composable platform provides OnLogic with greater control and allows them to select and integrate best-of-breed solutions as their needs evolve.

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